3 June 2010 (Thursday) - A Birthday

Daddies Little Angel TM ” is twenty one today. Where do the years go? She’s spending a quiet evening with friends tonight. Interestingly her brother’s twenty first was also on a Thursday, despite their being born on different days of the week. (I know this – I was there!) I wonder how they managed that?

My own twenty-first was also on a Thursday. I spent it at Bromley Technical College, and it came as a great disappointment to all present that I didn’t come back from the pub at lunchtime totally drunk. Mind you, I did have religion back in those days.

I can’t remember ‘er indoors TM having a twenty-first. I expect she had one once, but seeing how My Boy TM ” would have been squalling round the place in nappies at the time, I doubt that it was a very racy affair either. Two minutes on the internet shows that this day was a Tuesday. She would be the odd one out.


  1. I got a pushchair for my 21st birthday. I remember taking Donna out in it. It was purple.

  2. I went to a very nice Country House hotel for my 21st and had a wonderful time...can't remember what day I was actually 21 though!

  3. Mine was a dismal affair with a party at my house but I spent most of it up in my room reading............ what a saddo.