7 June 2010 (Monday) - New Shears

Eagle eyed readers might notice a difference on the blog. I’ve removed the diary dates section from the side bar and put it onto a page of its own, accessible from the link bar above. It seemed to me that the diary dates went too far down the screen, and having them on their own page looks neater. It still needs a bit of tweaking, but I can do that later. I’ve also added a potted biography too, for no other reason than that I can.

Yet another restless night – having the front window open made for a noisy night, and even noisier when the fist fruit of my loin set off to work. Still, his setting off to work saves the battery on my alarm. I got up early and did the ironing before brekky, and then popped round to B&Q for some hedge trimmers. After a dull day at work, I gave the back garden a hair cut with said trimmers. Next door’s various shrubs do overhang my garden, and I’d finally had enough. Mind you, the hedge trimmers do leave a lot of mess on the floor. Next time I shall get a tarpaulin and lay that down before I get the red mist.

Whilst I was mucking about in the garden I finally got the lawn mowed, and I gave the pond’s filter a scrub out – a job best done when you have time to do so. Rather than leaving it and finding that you have to find time to sort out a filter bunged solid with carp poo.

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  1. At first glance I thought you were holding a guitar.