16 June 2010 (Wednesday) - Not Much

After a wonderful extended weekend’s holiday, it was with a heavy heart that I went back to work today. Once I enjoyed the job, now I find I struggle to give it more than grudging acquiescence. I blame a management with different priorities to my own, but what do I know?

On the plus side, my lolly sticks have arrived. A couple of days ago I mentioned about staging a pooh-sticks race at the kite festival in Teston in August. The sticks are here. I shall consult with like-minded pooh-stickers to devise some rules, and open up for entrants over the next few weeks (oo-er!)
Talking of Teston I’ve found the group photo that was taken on Sunday afternoon – I’m hiding in the back row wearing a red bandanna.

And I’m afraid that’s all for today – I’ve spend most of the evening asleep and I feel absolutely shattered – I do hope I’m not sickening for something….

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