1 June 2010 (Tuesday) - An Anniversary

Today is an anniversary - I’ve been blogging here on Blogger for a year now – and three years before that over at Yahoo. Where has the time gone? Looking at my archived stuff I’ve got over one thousand three hundred blog entries and (together with the piccies that go with it) it takes up nearly 30Mb of disk space. I might get it published eventually.

With an average of forty different people tuning in to the thing daily, from all over the UK, to say nothing of the US, Canada, Belgium, Russia and Australia (to name but only a few of the places that pop up in the tracking software), I’m amazed at the success of the thing. I wonder if I oughtn’t organise a meet-up of my loyal readership – that might be quite a party…

Meanwhile I woke up this morning aching more than usual – I’m wondering if spending an hour playing leap frog with my niece yesterday was a good idea. And then I got just a bit wound up with the morning’s post. I got a letter from the company who’ve just loaned me a squillion pounds to buy my new car. They told me that appreciate my custom, and went on to say that should I wish to borrow another squillion pounds, then maybe I would be interested to learn that they lend money, and maybe I might like to consider borrowing it from them. Dur!!! Do they think I’ve never heard of them? They’ve demonstrated that they are happy to lend me money – where do they think I’m going to go for more loans – the fishmongers? If they wasted less money on unnecessary expenses (such as producing and posting this letter) then I would have to pay less in interest repayments.

I was home early from work today – having had to go into work during the night. It suited me to come home early – I thought I might get the roof bars put back on the car in readiness for the camping season. But it was raining. Pouring hard. So I played on the internet until the rain stopped. After an hour’s wrestling I got the roof bars in place. Now they are on, I’m not sure there isn’t a front and back bar, and a left and right side to each. But they are on, and (hopefully) will stay in place until September. I then collared Martin to help me get the top box into place. I’m sure that the box has shrunk over the winter – it seems a lot smaller than I remember it being. And it’s a shame the bars and box’s colour doesn’t’ match the car, but I’m not shelling out for new ones. I’m mean like that. Now all I need to do is remove the rear seats from the car and go to the farm to retrieve all the camping gear... I’ll do that another time.

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