11 April 2020 (Saturday) - A Locked-Down Quiz Night

Last night I posted on Facebook asking if anyone fancied doing a quiz on Zoom… there seemed to be quite a bit of interest so I created a Facebook event, and this morning enough people had signed up to make the event plausible. I spent a little while this morning coming up with some questions. Having started off by blagging some ready-made pub quizzes I then tweaked and changed the questions so that I (for one) would have had a hope of getting a few right.
I then posted up today’s album choice. ”More Filth Dirt Cheap” was Ivor Biggun’s second album. Filled with puerile, childish smutty innuendo it still makes me chuckle forty years later.

We got the leads on to the dogs, and went for our daily government-sanctioned walk. We went through South Ashford where the first fruit of my loin had put out a bowl of water for the dogs, and we left them some shopping and some Easter eggs. From there we walked round to Singleton Lake and out through to where once there used to be something of an unkempt jungle. Now there is a rather pretty area of woodland with waterfalls (fish ladders?). Ideally we might have picnic-ed there… ideally we wouldn’t be in lock-down.
We came home past Singleton lake where (like everywhere) fishing is now banned.
Isn’t that silly? When you go fishing you sit on your own away from everyone else. Ideal social distancing, but (like pretty much everything in this lock-down) it wasn’t thought through.
As we walked round the lake we saw a couple of rather large pike basking in the shallows. Maybe an afternoon’s pike fishing there once the lock-down is lifted?

We came home, and with absolutely nothing else to do we sat in the garden. I read more of Alexei Sayle’s biography on my Kindle whilst drinking Czech dark lager and Dorset plum ale before falling asleep in the glorious sunshine.

I eventually woke; "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner and then I sparked up the lap-top for the “Zoom” quiz. I was rather pleased to see we had nine teams taking part; a manageable number. I thought it went rather well for only the second time I’d used the software. The questions were rather tricky; some of them were rather obscure. But it wasn’t so much about the quiz as it was about getting to see friends. At least I can go to work every day. There are a *lot* of people who’ve not seen anyone outside their household for weeks.
I wonder if this on-line video quiz thingy might become a regular event all the time we are in lock-down. After all, it isn’t as though anyone has anything else to be doing at the moment…

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