9 October 2016 (Sunday) - Between the Night Shifts

I did my bit on the night shift; as I worked I listened to the radio. In the small hours there was a discussion about the latest screening tests for Downs Syndrome (they said "latest" - blood tests have been available for some time). Some who'd had babies with Downs Syndrome were adamant that those who hadn't shouldn't be so set against people with Downs Syndrome. Others disagreed. Others with different congenital problems felt no pre-natal testing should be done on anyone. Others disagreed.
It was clearly a subject about which people felt strongly. For myself I know where I stand on the issue - it was a decision we made thirty years ago when considering having children. But it was amazing how the people on the radio could discuss the issues in depth without resorting to insulting anyone who had a different opinion to their own. If only more people could do that I’d have fallen out with far fewer people.

There was also a report from a national Star Trek convention that had taken place in Birmingham to celebrate fifty years of trekkying. Part of me wished I'd been there... part of me remembered the good old days when these things weren't blatantly profit-making events. I remember the halcyon days of fan-run conventions at the university of London with little Glenn the Ferengi. I was there for the Dalek races, I was at Page's bar, I was on the sci-fi channel, I was interviewed by Empire magazine.
I was a trekkie before it was cool, and before the Birmingham lot were even born (!)

I was glad when the relief arrived at 8am. I came home through the rain via a war memorial in Whitstable; today is Earthcache Day and I needed to log one to get a geo-souvenir.
As I drove home I listened to the church service on the radio. I do that after the Saturday night shift. Today’s service was coming live from the school at Battle Abbey and was commemorating the upcoming nine hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. As church services go it wasn’t too bad.

I got home in time; today was Ashford's ten-kilometre road race and much of the town’s roads were being closed for the runners. I hope they enjoyed their run; the morning’s weather alternated between bright sunshine and downpours of rain.
I’d been toying with the idea of another geo-day in London. I’ve arranged one for a few weeks’ time. If any of my loyal readers fancy a day out in the wicked city the details are here.

I then went to bed, slept for five hours and lay there for another hour hoping to sleep some more. It wasn’t happening, so I got up. "er indoors TM" had taken "Furry Face TM" to get her Earthcache, so I made some sandwiches for 4am and moped about for a bit.
For all that I like the time that working nights give me, it does sometimes get rather lonely.
I’m off to work now…

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