29 October 2016 (Saturday) - At Work

"er indoors TM" inadvertently woke me when she came to bed at 2.30am; I lay awake for a couple of hours; finally dozing of just as the alarm sounded. Over a rather early brekkie I watched the most recent episode of South Park. Whilst it was entertaining enough I watched it with an air of "WTF is going on?"; there were all sorts of references to American current affairs and the upcoming election which went right over my head.
Mind you I suspect this is true of most American comedies. And of all comedy really.

I set off for work. Bearing in mind there are geo-souvenirs to be had if you find a geocache this weekend (because it's Hallowe'en). I drove out to the new Finberry estate for a quick geo-find.
I then went on to Canterbury. As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing some rather odd woman who claimed to live in a home-made shack in the woods somewhere. She was banging on about how the world is a better place when you live in a home-made shack in the woods. She was most adamant that when the thing falls apart it is far better fixing it yourself than paying a professional to do the job properly. Personally I would rather pay a professional to do the job properly. That way it won’t fall apart again. But that's just me.
I expect living like that is fun for a day or so. Camping certainly is. But you soon miss the creature comforts of running water and flushing toilets. This odd woman said she wouldn't live in a proper house if you gave her a million pounds.
I bet she would.

The pundits on the radio then made great show of how (with only a couple of weeks until the Presidential election) Hilary Clinton's email scandal had again reared its ugly head.
What a way to run an election campaign. One candidate seems to be start staring mad; the other appears to be a crook. And the world clamours for "democracy"...?

I stopped off at Morrisons for the makings of lunch, and I got some petrol too. And just as I got to work my phone pinged. A new geocache had gone live; I'd nearly (but not quite) driven past it this morning. Oh well..
I then settled down for a day at work. I wasn't supposed to be working this weekend, but a colleague had stepped into the breach and covered for me at incredibly short notice when Fudge was ill a couple of months ago, and I was only too happy to return the favour.

Mind you I did sulk when I checked out Facebook on my phone whilst at tea break. I'd forgotten
"My Boy TM" and my brother were going fishing today. "My Boy TM" had had a stroke of luck - I've not seen a bigger sturgeon caught locally. And I wasn't at all impressed when I had a look-see on-line at lunch time to see my brother had caught a carp far bigger than anything I've ever caught.

I’m working again tomorrow. I hope they ain’t fishing again…

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