9 August 2011 (Tuesday) - Another Day

Last night I read a rather sobering article. I’ve heard for some time that our economy is up shit creek, and it’s been on the news so much and expounded upon by so many politicians (of all flavours) that I’ve become rather cynical about the whole sorry tale. I suppose the problem I have with the financial crisis is that for all that I have a degree in mathematics, I don’t actually understand finance at all. If our country is massively in debt, then to whom do we owe this money? How can we blame a burden of public sector pension when public sector employees pay into a pension scheme? Do we owe money to foreign investors? Tell them we ain’t paying (yet).

On more mundane matters, I see Dave the Cactus’s page on Facebook is going from strength to strength. There are some people on the “like list” who are complete strangers to me. I can’t help but wonder how word of my cactus has reached the world.

I spent a little while writing a letter to an old mucker. I first met Adrian sometime in the late 70s, and we always got on like a house on fire. We were in the Boys Brigade band together for years; always sharing a tent at Boys Brigade camp. I rather lost contact with him in the mid 80s; only to find him again through my fascination with snakes during the late 90s. And then we lost contact again. ‘er indoors TM found his sister on Facebook a month ago, and I’ve (sort of) re-established contact. He was all set to come to our garden party last week, but he’s had a rather serious accident. Following a fractured skull he’s now in a neuro-rehabilitation unit down in Dorset. I might be driving down to Dorset to visit some time soon…
Having said that, I’m not sure when. An invitation to a kiting event at Leeds Castle has made me review my diary dates. I’d forgotten to write down an astronomy event at Herstmonceaux in early September. I seem to have my weekends planned out until the middle of November.

I signed up with “Where the Hell is Matt” today – there’s this bloke (called Matt) who goes around the world dancing badly. And he makes videos of his dancing badly and puts them onto You Tube. I had this vague idea that when he next comes to the UK I could be in the next video. You never know.
Whilst I do like what Matt does, I must admit to a pang of jealousy. He does a silly dance and gets paid to go round the world doing it. I could do that.

Meanwhile civil unrest continues. There are rumours of riots planned locally, and the local police are out in force. Nobody told me that the McArthur-Glen outlet centre was a target for riots: I did wonder why there were six police cars there as I ate my McDonalds this evening. And as we drove home from Chip’s house there were police cars everywhere. Interestingly the car park by International House was full, and there were people loitering all around that car park. I wonder if something is going to kick off there?

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