4 August 2011 (Thursday) - Stuff

Today’s news was amazing: a Swedish chap has got the hump because the local authorities have put the kibosh on his home made nuclear reactor. The chap was interviewed on Radio Four this evening. It turns out that he’d been blogging quite openly about progress on his attempts to make a nuclear reactor (in his kitchen) for some time.
Progress had gone well until quite recently. Having obtained lumps of radium and americium from eBay (!) he was trying to combine them. This involved boiling them together (on the stove in his kitchen) in sulphuric acid. It was at this point that the explosion occurred, and our budding Rutherford began to see the error of his ways. He then decided to contact the Swedish radiation authority who called the police. The police came round and were very polite in asking him to desist.
If convicted, this chap faces a prison sentence.
In tonight’s radio interview he said that he’d given up his radiological pursuits and has taken up reading instead. He also mentioned that he wasn’t married. That much was obvious – could you imagine ‘er indoors TM  letting me start up a nuclear reactor in the kitchen?
(Actually I doubt she’d bat an eyelid – it’s “Daddies Little Angel TM ” who would be the voice of reason)

After such a tale, all other news pales into insignificance. But there was the announcement of the discovery of parallel universes. I say “discovery” – perhaps “theoretical discovery” might be a better description. So that luckier version of me in a better parallel universe might be there after all.  I wonder if he’d like to swap places with this version of me for a while?
And whilst on the subject of astrophysical discoveries, it would seem that the differences between the two faces of our moon are due to the fact that the Earth once had two moons which had a prang; and now all we’re left with is the big one because the wreckage of the small one is plastered all over the dark side of the remaining moon.

After all the excitement in the news, my evening turned out to be a disappointment. With ‘er indoors TM out with the girls tonight, I’d originally planned to go fishing, but the torrential rain put paid to that.
I’d had an invite to a birthday party at a gay bar (and that was my backup plan if rain stopped the fishing). But the regular denizens of said gay bar had found better things to do, so that was cancelled. I’d also had an invite to the Wetherspoons curry night, but I’d been up the ‘spoons once this week already.
So I settled for Hong Kong Kitchen’s finest and an evening of DVDs…..

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