7 August 2011 (Sunday) - Poltitically Incorrect

I was just dozing off last night when “My Boy TMcame home quietly. I expect my loyal readers over in continental America heard him come home, clump about the house, and then clump out again ten minutes later.
He came back this morning at 9.30am, came through the front door (judging by the sound I don’t think he opened it, just came through it), bellowed a conversation in to his mobile, crashed around the house for ten minutes, and then stampeded out again.
I was just dozing off when the phone rang – it was the Bat – did we fancy breakfasting at the American Diner? We got out of bed in record time, and within half an hour were at the diner and had ordered brekkie. They were quite a bit busier than they were last week, and from walking through the door to walking out again took over an hour. During that time we watched the weather outside go from glorious sunshine through to torrential rain and back again. Six times.

We then had a look round Bybrook Barn garden centre. Yesterday I mentioned that I quite fancied having an Acer in a pot in the garden. Bybrook Barn had some nice Acers. However I can only assume that they also arrange a mortgage on them as well. Prices ranged from two hundred pounds to four thousand pounds. Four grand !!! For a tree !!! I’ll concede that it was a very nice tree, but it wasn’t four thousand pounds worth of nice.
Whilst we were in Bybrook Barn we bought a Golliwog garden ornament: some politically correct simpleton had recently tried to crucify Bybrook Barn garden centre on the altar of public opinion for daring to sell Golliwogs. The stupid story made headline news, and since I was in the centre I thought I’d buy one to demonstrate my support for them and to show that not everyone agrees with the politically correct minority.
The girl on the till commented that since they’d been on the front page of the local newspapers over the silly story, their sales of Golliwogs had gone through the roof. I’m glad about that. What on Earth is wrong with Golliwogs?
And if any of my loyal readers would disagree with me, and are offended by Golliwogs….. I’d respectfully ask them to use the comment option below to explain why.

And so home. Our provisional plan for the day was to go for a walk, but with the intermittent monsoons we decided to have a lazy afternoon indoors. Our Sky-Plus box is getting quite full and we thought we’d take the opportunity to empty it of some of the drivel we’ve recorded recently. So I got the ironing board out and emptied the ironing box. And then I had a go at the family’s undercrackers. In the meantime ‘er indoors TM showed the sewing machine who was boss.
And we got through episodes of Torchwood, Trollied, Star Trek, Time Team and Man v Food. We’ve now got sixteen per cent of the Sky Plus box’s disc space free. Which (for us) is unprecedented. Now to fill it up with more TV drivel…

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  1. if your looking for an Acer then give these guys a try.
    Always been sensible prices when I have been there.