11 August 2011 (Thursday) - Off to Teston

There was an entertaining interlude whilst buying a sandwich at the local corner shop this morning. Just as I was about to pay for my stuff, a little old lady came into the shop and asked if they sold “things”. The assistant asked if the little old lady could be specific, but the little old lady just repeated “things – you know – things”. After some prompting and questioning we eventually found out that the specific things she wanted were (mostly) made of chocolate and were covered in “dozens and ones”, and used to be popular several (many) years ago.  Nobody in either the shop staff or the assembled customers had the faintest idea what the little old lady was talking about, and she started getting aggressive. She didn’t actually like “things” herself: she just wanted them as a surprise treat for her friend. And then she stormed out, muttering curses on the world.

Once I’d got my sandwich I set off for Teston, and arrived shortly before 10am to find Dick waiting by the gate. We exchanged a few insults, and then drove to our respective chosen spots and made a start on setting up our camps. Or that is Dick made a start. I just chucked tents out of my car until the Rear Admiral arrived to do all the donkey work. And once he arrived, we got cracking. The weather forecast predicted heavy rain at mid day, and I wanted to have the canvas up before rain might stop play. The rain came earlier than forecast, but we had got the tents up when the heavens opened. I reversed my car into our mess tent, and we carried on setting up, despite the monsoon outside.

The rain lasted for an hour or so, and soon cleared up. By now more of our number were arriving, including ‘er indoors TM  and “Daddies Little Angel TMwho was shrieking about her new phone. With girlie-types now present I left setting up of kitchen to them, and I went and flew my kite. Straight up a tree.

More rain eventually put paid to kite flying, and we adjourned for tea – camp food is always good. And with washing up done we played “Dirty Minds” and drank beer and port until midnight.

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