15 August 2011 (Monday) - Home Again

Up with the lark to find a wonderful morning. We stay on till Monday morning at kite festivals so that we don’t waste the day on Sunday packing up. And it’s such a gamble going to bed with dry tents on Sunday night. What will the weather be like on Monday? Having brought wet tents home from the last trip to Teston (in June) I wasn’t looking forward to a week drying the canvas at home. But I needn’t have worried. The morning was glorious, and we’d had brekkie and cleared away with everything dry by 11.30am.
Home via Smarden to put the camping gear into a barn at the farm, and once I’d unpacked I sparked up the PC to start writing this drivel. Disaster. The PC made all the noises a PC should make, but nothing was happening on the screen. I fiddled and mucked about, and came to the conclusion that the graphics card was knacked, so I took the whole PC round to PC world and gave them my considered opinion. I told the bloke behind the counter that if he could see his way clear to agreeing with me, then I’d buy a new graphics card off of him. The bloke did one better than that – he fiddled around, agreed my graphics card was shot, but managed to get the PC to run off the default on-board graphics card on the motherboard.
I then came home to find that in the time between going to PC World and coming home my screen had died.
I’m now transmitting to the world on backup systems. My computer is running slow – oh so slow – but it’s working.
If any of my loyal readers have a graphics card they don’t want…..

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