2 August 2011 (Tuesday) - A Birthday

It’s ‘er indoors TM ‘s birthday today. I received an automated email to remind me about it last week. I did have plans for something special for the evening, but on Sunday I received an invitation to a meal which was being arranged for the birthday instead. By the time I saw this invitation half a dozen people had already confirmed they’d be along, so I reluctantly abandoned what I had planned.
(And to those of my loyal readers who were wondering why they weren’t invited along to the meal this evening – I can only apologize).

Plans can be a problem – perhaps I should have made plans earlier. Certainly a lot of people missed last weekend’s party as I was slow in getting the invitations out. And having taken the liberty of organising the invites to the astro club’s participation in “International Observe the Moon Night” I’ve found out that I had something else planned for that date already that I’ve had to cancel.
That’s three things that I’ve slipped up on. Normally my diary is so organised (!)

However we had a good time at the local Wetherspoons. There are those who are dismissive of Wetherspoons – but I can’t help but feel that for all they aren’t the *best* place to eat out; they are far from the worst. Twenty of us sat down for the steak night, and had a really good meal and a beer or two whilst playing “hunt the fried egg” – the Rear Admiral’s fried egg was hiding….

Disaster – our router’s given up the ghost. It wasn’t until I couldn’t get on the internet that I realised how much time I waste on-line. Fortunately Chris had a spare router. Unfortunately it didn’t work.
So we popped round to Curry’s to get a router. I dozed whilst ‘er indoors TM fiddled with it, and awoke to find the original broken router back in place and working. Apparently what we’d been sold wasn’t what the man in the shop said it was. I shall take it back in the morning and demand a refund: I expect that will be a fight…..

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