19 August 2011 (Friday) - Cards

We had the weigh-in at work today. For all that I effectively gave up with the diet some six months ago, we still get the scales out once every week or so. I wish we wouldn’t. I’m currently at the heaviest I have ever been in my life, and it would only take one more pork pie for me to undergo total gravitational collapse and become a black hole.
Am I bothered? Well, yes. Whilst I make light of my size, and often refer to myself as “Uncle Fat Bloke”, I’m not fat by choice. I *could* go on a diet and lose weight. It’s something I’ve done in the past. But every time I go on a diet, eventually the diet ends, and soon after the diet I wind up being heavier than when I started.  
Whilst there’s no denying that I could eat healthier, my diet is far from being one of exclusively junk. And I lead a relatively active life too.
I’m just naturally a porker. Though whilst I’ve resigned myself to the fact, I can’t pretend I like it.

Yesterday I was griping about the woolly-minded-loony-leftie-tree-hugging-crackpots. I see they’ve been up to their old tricks again. Apparently earlier in the week some chap was embarking on a criminal activity when confronted by the bizzies. Had he stopped what he was doing and followed the instructions of the ‘bules, all would have been well. But he didn’t. Obviously he was less than co-operative because the police felt obliged to use pepper spray and a tazer. The bleeding hearts are up in arms because it would seem that having a poke off of the tazer killed the villain.
It speaks volumes about the mentality of those who are protesting the police’s actions that they never once questioned why this chap was being stopped by the police.

And so to Folkestone for an evening of cards. Amid flushes and straights I had a load of hearts (I didn’t forget them), and a poker of sixes. I do like a game of cards.

Meanwhile on the PC front I’ve had a go with the anti-virus. Whilst the free version of Norton Antivirus was nice, it came with for a very time-limited period. AVG might not have quite so many bells and whistles, but it’s free, and has done me well for the last few years.
And at the moment, free is good. Especially as the thought of a new monitor is becoming more and more appealing.


  1. For Windows 7, the free "Windows Security Essentials" is all you need, and what most of the wags recommend... I finally said goodbye to the 3rd-party stuff, which was always a pain...

  2. My brother decided years ago that he could either spend his life on a diet and be miserable or enjoy his food (which he does) and be fatter & happy.
    He decided that life was too short to be miserable.
    I agree with him. As long as you don't totally eat junk (which you don't) and get some exercise (which you do) then enjoy life. We only get one go at it...it is not a rehearsal.