1 July 2009 (Wednesday) - Back to Canada?

Last night we watched the last episode of “The 4400”. Over the last sixteen years, every Tuesday evening I’ve sat with friends and we’ve watched no end of TV series. I liked “The 4400” because I didn’t fall asleep though any of it – which is quite unheard of. What I particularly liked about it was that being filmed in and around Vancouver, I recognised many of the places on the screen. I loved British Columbia when I was there. I’ve been there twice – it’s the most beautiful place in the world. Both times I went I was knee deep in cubs and scouts. Seeing it again on the telly has made me want to go back there. I wonder if I can scare up a cheap package holiday. It’s a long flight, but I can put up with that.

Quite appropriate I should be thinking of going there again, bearing in mind it’s Canada Day today.

And then, seeing as it was such a lovely evening we went for a cycle ride up to the Golden Ball (in Kennington). A strange pub – the surroundings were beautiful. The pub itself is that which you would expect to find in the grimmest of council estates. And the mild was sour. So we cycled home again. We won’t bother with that place again…

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