7 July 2009 (Tuesday) - Management, Margate, Beer and a Birthday

As I approach the middle of week ten of my twelve week secondment, a senior manager today expressed surprise at what I’ve been doing with my time, and wonders if my time might have been better spent doing something completely different instead. One wonders if such wisdom might have been better imparted two months ago, but one keeps smiling.

To Margate where I saw the biggest bravest seagull you ever did see. Seagulls are getting larger every day, and they have no fear. As I drove into the car park at Margate, one stopped waddling and just stared at me as I drove toward it. It wasn’t going to move. In the end I stopped the car and beeped the hooter before the thing deigned to shift itself. Its mate (pictured above) was equally fearless.

Half way through my lecture about malaria there was the loudest thunderclap. After all the heat of the last week or so, now we’ve got the rain. Torrential rain. I just hope it clears up for the weekend.

Well, if it don’t I’ve got the beer ready for “Emergency Plan B”. It won’t be the first time a kite festival has been abandoned in favour of a booze-up. I went to Tesco for the beer, but a combination of a pathetic beer selection combined with an over-abundance of retards made me give up with Tesco’s. There are only so many children you can (literally) trip over before you see red. So I went to Asda. I don’t like Asda. The cark park is tortuous, you have to pay to park, and it too was full of retards. There wasn’t a single customer in there who was actually looking where it was going. The entire lot of them were blindly blundering around, bouncing off of shelves, trolleys, groceries and other shoppers alike. But the beer selection was better than Tesco’s. I’ve bought thirty two bottles of ale and a bottle of port. It won’t last the weekend.

And so to Andy & Heather’s. A birthday, and birthday cake is always popular. As was Star Trek meets Family Guy. Must watch more of that….

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