14 July 2009 (Tuesday) -

Understandably I was rather tired last night. I slept like a log – until 5am. And was rather restless from then on. I eventually got up shortly after 8am. I must admit I wasn’t feeling 100% - perhaps the after effects of three nights excessive drinking, the exertions of the weekend, or too much sun. I toyed with the idea of cutting my time off short and going into work, but thought better of it. For all that I am constantly worrying about the place, I’d rather not be there.

I finished off my latest letter to the chokey – this will be the twenty-fifth. All the letters seem to end up being a dozen pages long. I suppose I cheat a bit by using the blog as a basis for the letters, but by the time I’ve added some swearing, some photos and an impossible crossword I probably spend about three hours on the letter, so I don’t think I’m cheating that much. As I came back from the post office, so the latest letter from the chokey arrived. Rather bad timing!

I had a plan for today. I was going to unload the storage bins in the back garden. Yesterday when putting the camping gear away, I found so much stuff in there that really shouldn’t be there. We have gazebos and tents that no one claims. There are spare parts for the beer pavilion that I doubt we’ll ever use. And tents that haven’t been put up in years, and I suspect have been chewed by mice. One day I really should have a proper sort through it all. But not today. I did laundry instead. Five loads.

In between trips to the washing machine and the washing line outside, the day was spent entirely in NeverWinter, sailing virtual seas on my sailing ship the Azure Star. Not my choice of a name, but you can’t have everything. I was hunting down pirates and various sea-going monsters trolls and assorted ne’er-do-wells. Some might say it was a waste of a day, but it served to keep my mind off work. I could do with something to do that permanently.

This evening we had a phone call from the chokey – “Norman Stanley” seems well. And then a visitor. Someone who was a regular on a Tuesday evening has returned after an absence of some years. He says the house looks “busy”, but the garden less so. I’m sure his mother will be glad to hear he’s looking well….

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  1. A dubious looking character if ever I saw one.