25 July 2009 (Saturday) - Ruckinge

A long time ago I received an email from the new landlord of the Blue Anchor in Ruckinge. He’d seen my review of the place on Beer in the Evening, and wondered if I would care to change my opinion seeing as he’d taken over. For a while I’ve considered Ruckinge to be a bit far for a cycle ride, but today four of us set off. It might have been five – maybe next time.

We had a lovely ride through the countryside. Very scenic, marred only by two near fatal collisions. Both with the same car. One where a car came round the corner far too fast and nearly flattened Batty, and then one where the same car nearly flattened me because I was laughing at Batty so much.

We arrived at our destination and met up with the chauffer-driven, only to find that the kitchen in the Blue Anchor was closed today. I’m not impressed. The pub has a website – why not mention that you’re not doing food? I suppose that by not mentioning that, they conned the price of a round of drinks out of us. Money they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Once we’d drunk up we cycled a mile or so along the road into Bilsington. Relying on memory and pot luck rather than cartography, seeing as we’d actually gone so far from home we’d cycled off the edge of the map. We found the White Horse, which did do food, and had a foxy barmaid with a barrel of beer on the counter. Oh yes ! And a stilton ploughmans too. That slipped down well. I had this vague idea that I could navigate us home via the Good Intent, and I did, albeit up a rather steep hill. I didn’t actually get off and push, but it was a close-run thing. A crafty IPA in Aldington Frith, and then home.

I got my shears out and treated myself to a haircut. One of my better ideas was to buy a pair of shears about ten years ago. It cost me fifteen quid, and I’ve never paid for a haircut since. However, a minor hiccup today – I think I had them set a tad short. Still, it’ll grow back. Or it won’t.

And then a walk up town. I wanted to pop into Waterstones, and I needed to get a birthday card to send to “Norman Stanley”. Have you ever tried to get a birthday card suitable to send into a prison? They all bleat on about having a wonderful day, happy day… in the end I got him one with a knob joke, and I’m hoping for the best.

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  1. you and your knob jokes lol
    i can imagine you laughing as batty almost gets run over but it kinda serves u right lol