26 July 2009 (Sunday) - Going for a Walk

I woke up early and put some washing in. Someone has to. A quick shave, and back to bed. When I got up, so did everyone else. I thought I’d make a cuppa. So did everyone else. I thought I’d go to the loo. So did everyone else. I thought I’d brush my teeth. So did everyone else. Why is it that with no time pressures at all today, everyone is under my feet, and swearing at me for being in their way?

A phone call from the chokey. He thought he’d surprise us. It did that. Apparently he had a few moments this morning before the wing’s snooker tournament. Once he hung up and went off to pot red, I designed a flier for the astro club. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages. You can see it here. The idea is that what’s on that website is printed either side of a landscaped side of A4, and then with a couple of folds it will make a flier that could be handed out to advertise the club. It’s not quite right yet – all comments & suggestions for improving it are welcomed. There’s a minor hiccup that the publisher program crashes whenever I try to print, but I’m sure I can get round that somehow.

And then I got on with the lawn. It doesn’t mow itself, you know. And I trimmed back the overgrowth from next door. He does like his climbing plants, and I don’t mind their hanging over the fence really. If only they wouldn’t keep dropping petals and leaves all over the place.

In the afternoon me and ‘er indoors TM went for a walk round Ashford Community Woodland. I didn’t even know the place existed, but it’s been there for ten years. It’s a series of woods and heaths connected by various footpaths. All very scenic. Now we know it’s there we may well go more often, but then again, maybe not. At the risk of playing into the hands of other bloggers who describe me as a “fitness freak” (pah!), I must admit that when I go for a walk, I want to take more than half an hour to do so. We left home at about 1.15pm, found the place, strolled round the entire lot and were back in the car less than an hour later. Much as it’s a good place to be, there’s not a lot there. You can’t realistically decide to spend an afternoon at an attraction and be finished by 2pm, can you?

So we drove down to Orlestone woods - just outside Hamstreet. We cycled past there a few weeks ago, and today we spent a little while wandering round the woods, trying (and mostly failing) to photograph butterflies.

Having spent the afternoon in woodlands, I realised a sign of our times. When I was a lad, most trees would have ropes hanging out of them. Ropes close in to the trunk so small boys could climb the tree easier, and ropes a bit further out hanging from branches that small boys would swing on. Today – not a single rope. And not a single child running wild in the woods. Don’t children these days play in woods? I used to, and so did My Boy TM”.

Home via Tesco’s. I never learn, do I? No matter when you go, morning, noon or night. It doesn’t make any difference – the place is heaving with retards. But I bought a nice pink shirt, so the journey wasn’t entirely wasted. I shall wear that shirt in Brighton tomorrow….

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