23 July 2009 (Thursday) - A Tad Dull

All things considered, today was a tad dull, and just another day in the life. It’s amazing how quickly one takes not laying awake all night for granted, and I would probably have snored on for half the day had My Boy TM ” not done an impression of the explosion of Krakatoa as he closed the front door at 5.30am this morning.

To work – sometimes I love working for the NHS. With two days of my secondment left, I am given a task which would take lesser mortals weeks to do. Fortunately I am wonderful, and rose to the occasion. Having started early, I came home early and put the finishing touches to two of my most recent major projects. Both are still very much “works in progress”, but as my secondment ends tomorrow, I doubt I’ll get time to finish them. I’m not doing in in my own time.

Because I work in a laboratory, we can’t have a drink while we work – we have to go for formal tea breaks. In my breaks I’ve been reading the “Twilight” series of books. I’ve borrowed them, and have been reading them for the last couple of months. At the risk of sounding ungrateful, much as I’ve enjoyed them, now I’ve finished, I’m disappointed. In several thousand pages of books, nothing actually happened.

And then I tuned into the news. Disaster! The company that makes the best shoes in the world is in financial difficulties. I realise that the less fashion conscious among us have mocked my crocs - what do they know? But crocs are no more. A sad sign of our times. Because the things don’t fall apart within a week, there’s no profit to be made from them, and the firm that makes them is slowly going west….

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