21 July 2009 (Tuesday) - Noise

Being on a late start, I was rather naively hoping for a bit of a lie in this morning. Last night I even prompted “My Boy TM ” about keeping the noise down. To his credit, he merely crashed down the stairs at 5.30am, not thundering as he usually would. And he closed the front door quietly – the impact of the closure only being audible for a few hundred yards – not miles as is usually the case. However the rest of the tribe made up for him this morning. “Daddies Little Angel TM ” sang beatifically with the voice of a (hell’s) angel, and rather than typing in the standard manner, ‘er indoors TM operated her computer’s keyboard with what sounded like hammers. I didn’t want to sleep, anyway.

I spent a bit of time updating the blog’s “Dates for the Diary” section. I tend to agree to all sorts of things and then forget about them, so it might help as a bit of an aide-memoir. There are those who claim it may be used as an open invitation to burglars. It’s more likely to be used by My Boy TM ” to know when the coast is clear to get up to mischief, and the thought of him being caught mid-prod by a burglar is something I’ve been sniggering about for most of the day.

One of the events featured on the “Dates for the Diary” is a cycle ride I’ve got in mind for this weekend – a trip to Ruckinge & back. Because I was a tad bored before work this morning, I drove the proposed route to see how feasible it would be. It took about fifteen minutes in the car, so I reckon an hour on the bike should be about right. See you all at the Blue Anchor….

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  1. lol is that picture at the top you or is it just a random one??
    hope you get your lie in one day