9 September 2014 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Over brekkie I turned on the telly and saw that whilst I was sleeping my SkyPlus box had a software update. Not only does it tell me what new programmes are on, but based on what I watch it now makes recommendations for what I might like. Bearing in mind that these days I seem to watch little else but puerile swearing cartoons and period dramas, I wonder what the thing will come up with for me.
We also had a little episode with "er indoors TM" 's new laptop. She got it yesterday and it's broke already.

I took my pup for a walk round through the park. As we went he met several other dogs onto which he climbed and attempted to have his wicked way. Interestingly we met up with a bible basher by the fountain who was lecturing the world on the evils of sin. I wonder if he had my dog specifically in mind.
Whilst I walked I had my Ingress app open. I saw that "er indoors TM" had been out Ingress-ing last night and had taken quite a lot of South Ashford for the blue scum.
I shall have to do something to redress the balance.

Being on a late start gave me some time before work; I started working on a new Wherigo cache to go around Viccie Park. Hopefully it should be ready in a week or so. I hope.
I then set off to work. The radio was full of talk of next week's Scottish vote. The pundits were rather concerned about some recent research which has shown that opinion polls bias voters; apparently given an opinion poll that says that "A" is more likely to get more votes than "B", people will then tend to vote for "A" because to vote for the loser is to waste a vote. It really does seem that many people would rather vote for a winner rather than vote for that in which they believe. It's actually quite possible that people will vote for an independent Scotland not because they feel that it would be for the best, but because thy feel everyone else will vote that way.
And people wonder why I don't agree with the democratic process.

I stopped off on my way to work to beef up a portal in Godmersham. Whilst I'd been on holiday the blues had captured it. It's back with the right colour now.
I also made a point of getting a geocache as well; this one has (vaguely) been in my sights for a year or so; today I found it.
I must admit I went to this one expecting the worst. It was hidden by someone who has given up the hobby and moved away a couple of years ago. All their other caches have fallen into disrepair. This one was in perfect condition; even if it was laying on the floor rather than in the obvious hole in the tree above it.
Mind you the last finder (who found it in May) left a note to say they'd done some serious maintenance on the thing. I can't help but wonder if that is a good thing. Unless that well-intentioned cacher is prepared to keep up their good work all they have done is to delay the inevitable.

From there I came to work past the cricket ground where I found a branch of Sainsbury's not five minutes walk from work. It's not as convenient to get to as Morrisons, but I may well pop in from time to time. Especially bearing in mind that there are two portals nearby.
Once at work I did my bit, and at lunchtime had a reasonably successful saxophone session. "John Brown's Body" and "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" are coming along nicely. Mind you I think that "Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside" leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't help that the music for that tune goes across two pages.

This evening the clans gathered in Arden Drive and after I'd slept through "The 100" I introduced the assembled throng to the televisual feast that is "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo". I stayed awake for that...

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