15 September 2014 Monday) - Bone

I had a rather good night's sleep, which is always a good thing. Mind you I didn't feel too good when I woke. In addition to the muscle in my right leg still aching, I think I ricked my back yesterday. And the nasal poylps were rather painful too.
"Furry Face TM" didn't stir for brekkie, and after watching "Family Guy" I checked out the Internet. An email. One of the logs I wrote about a geocache yesterday has been deleted. Obviously I hit a nerve when I asked for a missing cache to be archived. Perhaps this might prompt the chap to go replace it. Mind you he didn't do anything about the other four he let fall into disrepair.

And so to work on a rather depressingly dismal grey morning. As I drove it rained on and off. I turned off my Ivor Biggun CD and listened to Radio Four's morning news program. The radio's news had little of note. Apparently those who would vote "No" in Thursday's referendum in Scotland are accusing the BBC of bias in their reporting. Personally I've not noticed any particular bias on this matter, which is unusual for the BBC; their reporting is usually very opinionated. But it does seem daft that they should be penalised for favouring something which isn't patently stupid.

As I pulled into Morrisons for some shopping I saw the Park & Ride bus come past. They were advertising that they offer free wi-fi on their buses. Free wi-fi on a bus - that's a sign of the times.
Interestingly the morning's news carried an article that travelling on public transport was less stressful and better for your health than driving to work. Personally I'd rather keep the Great Unwashed at arm's length but what do I know?

I was at work fifteen minutes early for the early shift, which is unusual for me. Back in the day I used to be very early for work every day. But nowadays I seem to roll in right on the stroke of start time. I did my bit, and at lunchtime had a blast on my saxophone. I've managed to speed up my tempo a little; but I do seem to trip over my "tiddly-om-pom-pom"s a little too often for my liking.
Some days I get quite enthused about my sax, other days I wonder if I shouldn't just pack it in. Perhaps I should do more than just one practice per day. If only "Furry Face TM" didn't feel the need to sing along with me whenever I tootle at home.

Bearing in mind that the mobile phone people told me that my problem with them was down to my local EE branch I phoned that branch today. After a lot of waiting about I finally got through to them and they told me that my gripe was with EE's central offices, not them.
They gave me another number to try: 07953 966 250. So I tried it and it just connected with the same number I'd rung yesterday. They didn't really care, so I shall write them a letter before shoving the handset up their collective bums.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. We went out through Newtown where he barked at several bicycles and tried to eat a dead mouse. We came home via "Pets at Home" partly because he's lost the hang of visiting the vets, and partly because he deserved a new bone (for being a good dog)...

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