11 September 2014 (Thursday) - A Walk before Work

In the past I've been quite happy to drink Morrison's "two bottles of plonk for a fiver" stuff. Many have told me that this is not something about which I should boast, and so over the last few weeks I've mentioned my attempts to develop a better appreciation of wine.
Last night I went to an off licence in Canterbury and bought a bottle that wasn't cheap. It tasted no better than the cheap stuff, and gave both me and EI a headache this morning.

Most of my morning's toast went down the neck of a little dog who is looking decidedly porky, and with toast scoffed we went for a little walk round Newtown. As we walked I realised that an observation that MB made was correct; namely that FF doesn't like wheels on anything other than cars. He is fine with cars, but barks at any other wheeled object.
Whilst he woofed at cars I played Ingress. Both of us were content for an hour while we walked off the toast. And with the walk done we came home and I spent an hour working on my latest geo-project. Hopefully I should have another Wherigo (my fifth) ready to go live by the middle of next week. The basic programming has been done by the nice man in America; I've tweaked the storyline to make it how I want it to be; now I just need to add some piccies and re-program the GPS co ordinates to a different continent. A few hours work; if nothing else it will stop me playing Ingress.

As I drove to work there was talk on the radio about the Gilgamesh project in which scientists are investigating the possibility of making immortal people. Whilst rather interesting, I think they've missed the obvious; quite frankly an immortal person would need to be an indestructible person; history tells us that anyone left long enough will start a fight with someone else.

Being on a late start I had a few minutes to go play silly beggars, so I thought I'd do a little geocaching. I went for two caches; I found both. One was in memory of an airman who'd crashed his plane just south of Canterbury during the second world war. that cache hadn't been found since March, but was in surprisingly good condition, clean and dry.
The second was typical of so many caches in East Kent. Having had a "Needs Maintenance" log first posted some months ago it has had several more posted since. The last time was a month or so ago when the finder mentioned the state of the thing. Today I found it wrapped in a dog-dung bag to protect it; the cache itself was broken and the contents sodden. Should I put up a "Needs Archiving" log? After all it's scratty caches like that which give the hobby a bad name.

I got to work and realised I hadn't brought a shirt. When on a late I start off in an old T-shirt and change later. Today I spent the day in that old t-shirt. I might wear t-shirts more often; they are easier to iron than my usual shirts.
And, as is so often the case on my late shifts, all of note on my day had happened before 11am...

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