2 September 2014 (Tuesday) - Another Day Off

I am reliably informed that "Furry Face TM" spent much of the night at the foot of the bed fidgeting restlessly. He didn't disturb me; I slept right through his scritching. My dog shared my toast, and then we went for a little walk. Down through Park Farm, out through the fields at the far end along to South Willesborough and home through Newtown. For those of my loyal readers who don't know the area very well it took us about three hours.
As we went through Park Farm I did a little checking on some of my geocaches. Most seemed all right; one had gone missing. The one which had gone missing hasn't had any logs of any sort for over a year. I don't think people can be bothered with the Park Farm Pootle Bonus, so I have archived it.
As we came up into Newtown I activated my Ingress app; there are no portals of any sort in Park Farm. But I was able to thwart the evil machinations of the blue scum as we got closer to home. Much as I do like geocaching, playing Ingress is a much more dynamic thing to do, even if it does eat up my data allowance.

Once home I went to put the washing on the line, and realised that I hadn't put it in the machine before we went out. Woops. So I set the sheets to be scrubbed and uploaded a little video I'd taken whilst we were out. As we were approaching the "three miles done" stage of our morning's walk I filmed "Furry Face TM" having a little run about. You'd think that being small and having short legs he'd tire rather easily wouldn't you?
You can see the video by clicking here; but I'll be honest... most people would consider it rather dull. Even the staunchest supporters of the antics of Patagonian Tripe-Hounds will be disappointed. But I like the video; I would - my dog stars in it.

I then washed the bathroom light shade ("er indoors TM" said she would break my face if I didn't) and I got the hoover (Dyson) out. Yesterday I mentioned that the keyboard on my laptop was on the way out. Whilst doing domestic drudgery I hoovered all over the keyboard (with a Dyson) and the thing is now showing a marked improvement. That's one little bonus, and several hundred pounds saved.

With my little dog settled I walked into town and did a circuit of the charity shops. The new music stand I bought only a few months ago has broken because (like all new music stands) it is cheap and plastic-y. I've now got a decent proper traditional metal one. I also tried to get a cheap table, but no one seemed to have any.
Once home I had all sorts of plans for the afternoon; but I fell asleep.

Once I was awake "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of tea, and we then congregated round Romney Road where we had a real good nosey round a new house and then watched an episode of "Star Trek".
Should watch more of that ...

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