4 September 2014 (Thursday) - Avebury

Over brekkie I watched one of the Matt Hayes fishing programmes. In years gone by I've always been a fan of Matt Hayes. Now.... There's no denying that the way he was gaffing those rays was just plain cruel.

With brekkie scoffed we loaded up the car and did something we very rarely do. We went off on holiday. We're having something of a road trip, and we set off up the motorway. Our first port of call was Bracknell in Berkshire where we stopped for McDonalds. After a little messing about (and sending for a translator) we established that I wasn't asking for a cabbage McFlurry. I was glad to find it wasn't just the fast food establishments at home that had problems with staff not being able to speak English.

From Bracknell we then moved on to Avebury in Wiltshire. We'd had a recommendation that we should visit Avebury. There's no denying that at first I was disappointed. Until we actually moved into Avebury proper. Neolithic burial mounds, stone circles... all rather good really. We even found one or two geocaches in the area as well.

We then moved into Swindon where we checked in to the hotel - the Lydiard House Conference Centre. I'm afraid to say that I took an instant dislike to the place.
We drove out to find somewhere for dinner. The Sun at Lydiard served some frankly wonderful food. And "Lancaster Bomber" on the hand pump too. I would have liked to have stayed their for the night, but we came back to the hotel for a final drinkie....
A decent bartender knows that bottles of ale aren't kept in the fridge...

I took a few photos of the day. Uploading them on the hotel's wi-fi took some doing...

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