8 June 2011 (Wednesday) - Even More Stuff

Again after having lain awake for ages, I went downstairs and put on a South Park DVD only to wake up with a stiff neck two hours later. And then to work, which was much the same as ever. Fortunately being on an early start made for an early finish, and I came  home to finish the packing. I eventually found “Daddies Little Angel TM‘s dingy. It was in a tent bag. I can’t help but wonder whatever possessed me to put it in a tent bag. I also found the washing bowls I’d lost. We’ve now got nine. Talking of lost things, I found the spanner I use to assemble the buggy. I shan’t need it for a year, but I know where it is. I’ve also aquired a length of hose pipe (from the home brew kit) which will hopefully save my back when I’m on water duty whilst at camp. On the other hand I’ve lost my flannel. I shall wash with a pair of pants instead – they will do the same job.

Whilst loading the last of the odds and ends into my car I noticed that my neighbour (the ones that hate me) was parking her car, so I stood and watched. Watching her park her car is a sight to behold. She cuts across the traffic and reverses so that the rear end of her car is square with the pavement – actually at right angles to the position the car should be in. She then shunts forward and backward (sometimes for over half an hour) until she’s turned her car through a right angle and has it parking against the flow of traffic. Having watched her parking (and driving in general) I am convinced that she can’t have passed her driving test. But the car is taxed (and therefore presumably insured).

Talking of neighbours’ the ones we get on with have taken over feeding the Koi for the weekend. She told me that her lad goes to cubs where I was a leader, and that the leaders there send their regards. Whilst I really should pop round and see how they are at some point, I *really* don’t want to because I just know that I’ll volunteer to take on something or other to do with the scout group, and having done the scout thing for thirteen years I really think that I’ve done my bit.

And having got the packing done rather quicker than I was expecting I’ve got the next batch of home brew into a barrel. It’s a light coloured summer ale, and is as yet un-named. Suggestions are welcomed.

And today’s photo is one of the space shuttles docked at the I.S.S. We won’t see the like of this again. (Well, maybe once more). As a child I had such high hopes for the future of humanity….

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