24 June 2011 (Friday) - Art & Astronomy

I had an interesting conversation at work today. ne day I shall post what it was about
If only our union wasn’t so useless….

Then to the college - “Daddies Little Angel TMhas some of her work in the end of year art exhibition. Her drawing and montage were really good. As was all of the work on show, to be honest. It was clear that the students had all worked hard, but I can’t pretend to understand modern art. The photograph of Little Red Riding Hood holding hands with the Big Bad Wolf was somewhat surreal. And was made more so by virtue of the fact that both were in the nip. The installation piece of a destroyed painting was clearly interesting, but would not practically fit into anyone’s house as an art work.
And the statue of a big fat woman with an oven for a stomach permanently pissing out green urine was just weird.

And then to astro club. As I was meeting and greeting, something interesting happened. A lady who’d joined a couple of months ago asked whose phone number was on the membership cards. I had no idea, and told her so; with the assurance that I’d find out. The nice lady went on to say that she’s tried phoning the number, and it came up with the number unobtainable tone. After a little asking around it turned out that the number on the membership cards was indeed unobtainable: in fact we had no idea whose number it originally was. Woops!
And then on to the main business of the evening. With over sixty people along we had an update on what’s going on in the world of astronomy. And then the main talk – “Wow Factor Fifty” in which five different people presented ten amazing, strange or just plain weird astronomical facts. With different people speaking I thought it worked very well.
After I’d hawked the raffle we had a Stellarium show of what we might have seen outside had the clouds not been there. Again we had a wonderful astro club – I’m proud to be a part of it….

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