27 June 2011 (Monday) - Dull...

A late start gave me some time to waste this morning, so I had a look round the Internet. With UFOs flying over the BBC and senior politicians being found dead at Glastonbury, there’s not really an awful lot going on in the world today.
Bearing in mind yesterday’s hike I found an interesting article claiming that I’m probably fitter than a lot of people who are half my age. If that’s true, then there are a lot of *very* unfit twenty-somethings about.
And with a couple of hours to kill, I dusted off an old game – Star Trek Elite Force. The game is now ten years old, and the graphics are somewhat dated compared to today’s modern games. But it’s fun, it passes an hour or so, and I like it. Which is probably a good thing.

And then to Tesco. The intention was to buy lunch; I nearly committed murder.
For every one person who was doing shopping properly there were a dozen old ladies blindly blundering about. Crashing into shelves, trolleys, other shoppers, not one was looking where it was going, and not one was actually buying anything. When will these old dodderers realise that Tesco is a shop where you go to buy things, not a park or a drop-in centre where you go to pass the time.

I received a phone call from the treasurer at Woodchurch Memorial Hall today. She’d heard that I’d taken over as treasurer of the astro club. News travels fast (!) Would I like to talk pounds and pence with her? Certainly.
The trouble was that she’d phoned me on my mobile at work, using her husband’s mobile phone. I made a note of all that she said and all of the telephone numbers she mentioned, and I then promptly lost that note. I came home and after a bit of phoning round I managed to get the nice lady’s home phone number. But when I rang, it just went to answer-phone.
I’ll ring her again in the morning…

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