30 June 2011 (Thursday) - Stuff

There was an interesting article on the radio today. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was being interviewed. He's launching a new initiative in London to generally improve the lot of the average Londoner. Millions of pounds of money will be spent to make things better. He specifically mentioned uniformed youth organisations.
Apparently the waiting lists to join scouts in London are really long, and they need more volunteers. Grants will be given to all sorts of organisations including (specifically) scouts. And Boris Johnson hopes these grants he's giving will encourage more of “the hairy-kneed" to volunteer.
I wonder exactly what he means by “the hairy-kneed"? The phrase speaks volumes about the character of the mayor of London. I realise the chap enjoys a reputation of being something of a maverick, but does he honestly think he’s going to attract any volunteers with that attitude?

And after a dull day at work I then came home for some domestic triviality. I put some shirts on to wash whilst I got busy in the garden. The lawn hadn’t been mown for some time, so that passed half an hour. And then I cleaned out the fish poo filter – I hadn’t mucked that out for a month. There’s no denying the pond is somewhat murky at the moment. I suspect that it’s something to do with the cascade arrangement I have between the filter and the pond. I have my eye on a self-cleaning filter arrangement, but that costs several hundred pounds more than I have at the moment.

Whilst cleaning the carp dung from the filter I could hear the washing machine doing my shirts. It was making quite a noise about it. I do hope that washing machine isn’t on the way out. With the brakes on ‘er indoors TM ‘s car needing attention (to say nothing of “operation caravan”), a new washing machine is an expense I can well do without….

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