6 June 2011 (Monday) - Stuff

Last night we saw the last (for the time being) episode of Doctor Who. It was quite good, but like all of the more recent episodes, it lacked a certain something. I wish I knew exactly what I expect from Doctor Who episodes, because whatever it is, it is lacking at the moment.
I suspect that I don’t like the attempt at having bits of an ongoing story interspersed in various episodes. They should either have a story in several episodes, or have the stories utterly separate from each other. Having silly little disjointed fragments here, there and thither is not keeping my attention – it’s just annoying.
Doctor Who is now on hold over the summer and returns in September. While I’m keen for its return I’m hoping for the best whilst expecting the worst.

This morning I had an email from Aleksandra; a Russian lady of (presumably) dubious morals. Her email was entitled “Amorous message #17375756”. I must admit I wasn’t impressed at being her 17375756th choice.
But as well as asking for my hand in marriage, she assured me that she’s never married (a) lady with hazel eyes and brown hair. I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Here’s an interesting tale. Canadian parents David Stocker and Kathy Witterick have had a baby. That’s nothing unusual – parents have babies all over the world. Baby boys and baby girls. However this baby is neither. Yet. The parents have decided not to tell the world what gender the child is (biologically): the idea being that “they want (the child) to discover him/herself by shielding the child from cultural influences that would otherwise influence gender identity”. An admirable sentiment in a perfect world.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. My first thought was that in this imperfect world all these silly parents are doing is ensuring that the child will receive a serious dose of bullying and victimisation at school should the boy like playing with dolls, or the girl like football.

But then I thought again. If a boy of twenty years ago liked playing with dolls, of a girl of twenty years ago liked football then there might have been problems.Nowadays does it really matter?
I can’t help but feel that these people’s silly idea will achieve nothing other than make the child the attention of a media circus. And if that doesn’t screw up the child’s sense of self-identity, nothing will….

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