7 June 2011 (Tuesday) - More Stuff

Having lain awake for what seemed like hours, I gave up trying to sleep and went downstairs and put on a South Park DVD. I selected “Play All”, and woke up with a stiff neck two hours later. If only I could sleep where and when I’m supposed to sleep.

To Asda to buy lunch. Having spent a small fortune on my Kindle, I was somewhat dismayed to see that they were selling Binatone e-book readers at a third of the price of a Kindle.
I contented myself with the fact that I knew the Binatone brand. I can remember that as a child the Binatone brand was (in my experience) synonymous with cheap and nasty. And then I realised that my experience was of thirty-odd years ago. If Binatone are still going after all these years, they can’t be all bad. And so I sulked for an hour or so.

My sulking wasn’t improved by the news on the radio. The government has announced its latest anti-terrorism measures. They are going to stop funding extremists. Wow!! I wonder how many think-tanks it took to come up with that stroke of genius?
And then there was an article about the latest proposed changes to the NHS. I’ve maintained for a long time that the NHS doesn’t need change; it needs years of stability to actually get on with the business of health care, rather than struggling with the business of coping with endless political reorganisations.
Interestingly the pundit on the radio agreed with me. He explained that no reform of the NHS has ever been planned or evaluated. He claimed that all the NHS reforms had been instigated and abandoned at the whim of the prevailing political climate at the time, and likened the reasoning used as being akin to Sooty waving a magic wand.
That cheered me up.

And so home, where I loaded the car up with all the camping gear. I say “all” – I mean enough to be getting on with for today. I’ve got all the tents, chairs and tables loaded up. The more important stuff (like the beer) will be packed tomorrow.
I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to pack the dingy….

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