5 January 2012 (Thursday) - A Rant

"er indoors TM" was out tonight, and was going straight from work. So I was left home alone. And as I got home so my piss boiled. I left home this morning having cleared all of the washing up. And came home to find the kitchen again awash with dirty crockery.
The washing up bowl was full to overflowing. How can anyone generate so much washing up? Seven glasses in one day (!) I lost count of the cups. Does every sip have to come from a new bit of crockery? Do I really have to hunt round the house to round up all that needs washing?
It took me fifteen minutes (that I begrudged) to clear other people's mess before I could start on cooking my own scoff.

Whilst I cooked and scoffed I got on with the washing - the lid now actually goes onto the laundry basket. And with damp washing strewn over all the radiators I put the telly on. There was a documentary about Sid James. I always liked him. And then there was an episode of Family Guy and of South Park. Episodes that I couldn't watch since everyone else was recording rubbish onto the Sky-Plus box. So I watched what was being recorded. It was that or turn the telly off - and I wasn't going to do that....

There was a time when I liked having the house to myself. I don't these days.... I get too wound up....

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