4 January 2012 (Wednesday) - Aminals

Today's news made me snigger. It would seem that they are having a stock-take at London Zoo. I would have thought that knowing how many llamas or dingoes or sehlats or targs one has would have been rather central to the business of running a zoo, but what do I know?
Talking of animals, this evening I came home to find a note had been put through the door to ask me to look out for a missing cat. Apparently Petey is new to the area, (having recently immigrated from America), is easily confused and has learning difficulties. Well, I've not seen any cats recently, so I can't help.
I've never known a cat which is easily confused and has learning difficulties: I can't help but wonder if this is perhaps a feature of American cats. Perhaps some of my loyal readers might be able to elucidate on the matter.

After a really good bit of scoff we watched "Treasure Island": we recorded it onto the Sky-Plus box at the weekend and so watching it later we were able to save about a third of the original broadcast time that was used up by the adverts. I realise that the advertising goes a long way to pay for the TV programs, but I shell out quite a bit from my own pocket as well. I wouldn't mind the adverts quite so much if they didn't automatically increase the volume during the advert breaks...


  1. One of our cat's is a little slow. I put it down to him being a boy...sorry. We put a cat flap in. All the girls whizzed through it in minutes. Poor Bubba still can't figure it out and spent ages swinging it to and fro but couldn't work out how to go through. The girls were even going through it while he swung it but he still didn't get it. It is now taped permanently open.

  2. Ah... but the volume increase is a useful thing. You can buy a device for some PVRs that detects the volume increase, stops recording, and then restarts when the volume goes back down. Auto-advert removal! :)