3 January 2012 (Tuesday) - Rabbids

Over the Christmas break we were given a Wii. We got the thing wired in a while ago, but only got round to finally sparking it up in anger last night. For no reason that I can fathom, the thing has an internet connection. Presumably so that the in-built BBC i-Player can work. However that idea merely raises the question of why a Wii has an i-Player.
With the thing sparked up, "er indoors TM" had a go at "Rabbids". I've watched my nephew playing these - they are a sort of psychotic rabbit. We had a rather frustrating half an hour watching rabbids getting electrocuted. For no adequately explored reason the rabbids would not go the way that they were being directed. I say "directed": left to their own devices, rabbids seem to go in a westerly direction. Frantic thrashing of the hand-held controllers seem to make them more inclined to take up a random trajectory. Try as we might we could not find the pattern of random thrashing that would send them where we felt they should go. Personally I was rather convinced that allowing the rabbid to carry a toilet roll along with it was a bad move, but what do I know?

In retrospect I can't help but feel that having a controller each (rather than sharing one) would have been useful. And that we could have done with having a five year old to have shown us what to do with the game. I suppose that having had all else fail, reading the instructions might have been a good idea.
Instead we made a video-Facebook-skype call to the Hose-Beast, and he watched us playing rabbids on our Wii whilst we watched him playing lego Harry Potter on his Wii. Sometimes I worry that that the amazing technology that we have at our fingertips is being used in perhaps a slightly frivolous way....

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