9 May 2011 (Monday) - Stuff

A minor panic last night as my PC crashed with the blue screen of death. Notwithstanding the expense of replacing the thing, I’ve spent years getting it how I want it. There’s stuff on it which, whilst probably replaceable, would be a serious problem to replace. And now the house has gone wireless networked, my backup PC is no longer on the network.
I wondered if maybe it was time to give the PC a once-over. I tried the scandisk, but the computer wasn’t having any of it. I suspect that’s not good.
Defragging is always good, so I did that. And mucking out .tmp files and caches never hurts too. I wonder if there is anything else I can do to chivvy along a limping PC?

Over tea this evening we watched the most recent episode of Doctor Who. The third episode of this year’s first run of Doctor Who episodes and…  It was watchable, I suppose.
Since Doctor Who has come back to our screens in 2005 there has been something wrong with it. Or several somethings. Too many daleks is an obvious one. And another one is the lack of cliffhangers. And too much continuity.
When I was a lad, Doctor Who stories lasted for two hours. They were in four episodes, each of half an hour’s length. Each episode ended with a cliffhanger, and we had to wait a week to see if Sarah-Jane would escape the cyber-mat, or if Nyssa would avoid getting goosed off of a Zygon. But once the four-part story was done, the next one bore no relation whatsoever to what had gone before. Doctor Who never had much in the way of continuity. It was tried a couple of times (N-Space and Keys of Time), and as a novelty it worked.
But the forty-five minute self-contained stories with larger ongoing cryptic plots of the modern series don’t do it for me. Bring back obviously plastic monsters in wobbly sets, with Wallace (of “and Gromit” fame) doing battle with Ice Warriors. And also bring back Perpugilliam Brown (and her chest!)

Meanwhile “Daddies Little Angel TM’s secondary moggy is on the mend. A couple of weeks ago whilst I was cuddling “Princess” I wondered if she might be sporting goolies. It turned out that he was, and today they were cut off. I mentioned in passing that it might be nice to have kept said goolies as a souvenir, but the vet was very reluctant to part with them. Even more so than the cat (probably) was. Apparently the vet couldn’t let them go for health and safety reasons.
One can’t help but wonder what hazards might be posed by a pair of cat-knacks.

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