30 May 2011 (Monday) - FireFox

Having had the driest time at Brighton Kite Festival in the ten years we’ve been going (it *always* rains at some point), we woke this morning to find very low cloud, and all the tents were wet. But this is the problem with tents. Caravans would be nice, if we had anywhere to store one. But we don’t, and so tents it is. And if they get wet, then so be it.
After brekkie and some tidying up the tents were a lot drier than they were, and with a concerted effort we were packed away by mid day. As we left we said our goodbyes, and I was very conscious that I’m missed seeing loads of people this weekend.

There was a dodgy few seconds on the way home when an idiot woman went through a red light and turned into a box junction; nearly hitting my car head on. It’s as well I have good brakes. After that the rest of the journey home was something of an anticlimax.
Home, where we unpacked. Ironically, having had perhaps the windiest and coldest Brighton Kite Festival ever, we came home to glorious sunshine. Bearing in mind there’s another camping trip soon I didn’t put stuff away quite as well as I might: most of it is piled in the living room. It can stay there for a while. Either until we go camping again, or until this cold gets better. Either will do me.

Having had time to reflect on the weekend, I am seriously hoping the weather improves before the next kite festival. For all that I wouldn’t have missed the weekend for anything, I like sitting outside with my friends. Having to sit in the tent because it was so cold rather kept people to their own camps, which was a shame. I hope that future Brighton Kite Festivals go back to their usual slot in July. It might always rain in July, but it’s usually a lot warmer.

And then, having spent a little while putting photos of the weekend onto Facebook, we watched Doctor Who over tea. Last week’s episode wasn’t that good, but this week’s was better.

The rest of the evening was something of a learning experience. I gave up using Internet Explorer as a browser some time ago. Having tried out all the browsers I could, I found that (at that time) I preferred Safari. I’ve been using that for some time, but now I find my bookmarks are organised according to the order in which I added them. I can’t see how to organise them alphabetically. (Added to that Safari is very inclined to crash.)
I suppose the obvious answer is to get used to using FireFox because I *can* organise bookmarks in FireFox. In fact tonight’s blog entry has been created via FireFox.
If anyone knows how I can get my favourites out of Safari and into FireFox without doing a very tedious manual copying and pasting, please let me know….. Alternatively this could be a valuable opportunity to go through my bookmarks and see which ones I actually want…..

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  1. Hi Dave,

    It's Batty's friend Matt,

    I think this is how to do the bookmak sync.

    First you must have the "Debug Menu" enabled for Safari. If you haven't already, here's how:

    http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php? ... 0063041629

    There is an option on the "Debug Menu" to export Safari's bookmarks. They are exported as a "Netscape-type HTML Bookmark File". Save the file somewhere convenient.

    Open Firefox. Now click through these options in Firefox:

    Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > File > Import

    In the dialog box "Import Bookmarks From" check the radio button next to "From File". Now make the path to where you saved your Safari Bookmark File.