5 May 2011 (Thursday) - New Specs

Being on a late start I had a bit of a lie-in. 7.30am is a lie-in for me (!) My neck had got worse overnight, so before getting my new specs I popped to the chemist shop and I got a tin of Ralgex. Mind you, that stuff not what it once was. Whilst it still does the pain relief thing, it doesn’t smell as strongly as once it did. The whole idea of Ralgex was that people could smell that you were in pain.
And then I got my new specs. At first sight they are indistinguishable from the old ones. That’s because the frames are the same. The only difference is the varifocal bit is somewhat stronger. Having said that, I spent an hour or two imagining I could see a difference between the new and the old specs, even though I’m sure the only difference was the old specs were scratched and smeared, and the new ones were clean.
I had planned to pop into the bakery on the way back to my car – but it’s gone. A passing security guard told me that it closed down over a year ago. It’s amazing what happens when you aren’t paying attention.

At the car park my piss boiled double. First of all I was billed two pounds for twenty minutes parking. And having validated my parking ticket in the machine, I found the car park barrier was broken and locked in the open position. I could have just driven out without paying.

And so on to the polling station. As I walked in I bumped into an old cub scout coming out. Little Steven is now old enough to vote. Where do the years go? In retrospect I wonder if (in years gone by) I shouldn’t have mis-used my position as a cub scout leader to have done some political indoctrination?
I got my ballot papers and went into the booth (not that it’s actually a booth any more) and stared at the papers before finally putting my X twice (Paternalistic molly-coddling & NO!!!!), and then I came home where I wasted an hour in NeverWinter. I haven’t been in there for over a week. The place has been overrun with apparitions, you know. Apparitions are a new monster to me.

After work (dull) I checked my emails. I have a new follower on Twitter.  From what I can translate from txt-spk into English I think depressedangel7 is an underage pregnant teenager who lives in New Zealand. I can’t help but wonder why she’s chosen to follow my tweets: I haven’t done any for over three months. I must admit I’ve rather given up with Twitter. I can’t have a good rant in less than 160 characters.
I see I’ve another blog follower – hello to everyone at to Easy Home Brew: your products should hopefully go down well over the summer…
I then spent five minutes on a survey about how many films I’ve seen at the cinema over the last year (none), and got given fifty pence for doing so. Another half-dozen surveys and I should have enough credit for a Kindle voucher…

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