10 May 2011 (Tuesday) - This n That

Moggy update – I am informed that following the removal of his “flowers and frolics”, “Daddies Little Angel TM‘s cat has spent the morning walking like John Wayne, but is now on the mend. The poor thing.

We had a letter from our GP surgery the other day. The letter reassured us that we would be unaffected by what was happening at the surgery, but that we would still have access to a doctor in the meantime, and lots of other meaningless phrases in the same vein. I phoned the surgery this morning to ask what the letter was all about, and a rather snotty receptionist told me not to worry, it was a circular; everyone had been sent one. I pointed out that sending out several thousand (it’s a *big* practice!) letters that could be ignored was cause for worry in itself, and the receptionist gave me the phone number of someone else.

Someone else” turned out to be the people who administer the provision of health care in Kent. They explained that I shouldn’t worry, and I really wouldn’t notice any change; if anything there would be an improvement. After all, as the nice lady said, things really couldn’t get any worse with my GP practice, could they? I was amazed – for some years I’ve been unimpressed with my GP. Now it transpires that officialdom is equally unimpressed.
She went on to explain that the gist of the letter I received was that the provision of GP services locally is changing. Most GP practices are clubbing together to work as teams. In fact more than most. All of them except my one. No other practice wants anything to do with them, and so the top management have had to step in.
In the past I’ve mentioned about wanting to change my GP. I might not need to. I am assured that the practice is receiving a serious kick up the butt. We shall see what happens.

And then we had the weigh-in at work. It’s now five months since I’ve been keeping regular tabs on my weight, and in that time I’ve lost half a stone, and put it back on again. Mind you, according to the Internet I need to lose about a third of my current body weight to become “healthy”; my current BMI is off the scale. I suppose I might exercise a bit more, but I’m not really that fussed. After all I’ve always been of the more generous physique.

This morning I noticed that my pond looked “frothy”. I mentioned this to a colleague who also keeps Koi. She said that she’s noticed a similar bubbly-ness on her pond about a week before the filters block up. And on reflection that’s what happens with my pond. So I mucked out the filter (yuk!) and from now on I might just use the bubbles as an early warning system for filter blockages….


  1. If you're BMI is off the scale, then mine is in orbit!!! Currently 41.34

  2. I just hope whatever changes they make involve their receptionists being changed/trained as I'm fed up with the way they talk down to me as if I'm something they've just stepped it. There was a realy nice one last year but she moved to another surgery about a year ago.