6 May 2011 (Friday) - Connection Problems

When my Internet provider took over supplying the phone line, part of the deal was a faster internet connection. The speed-up happened overnight, and I can only describe the change as what I have come to call typical of all that is wrong with I.T. in this day and age. My router tells me that the connection is running three times faster than it was yesterday.
However that is just a meaningless number. From a practical standpoint web pages are taking noticeably longer to load, and emails are taking noticeably longer to download.
When I eventually got emails out of the thing this morning, one of them was from the power company asking me to provide my leccie and gas meter readings. It was easy enough to read the meters, but actually calling up the websites just wasn’t working. After half an hour I gave up and phoned the power people to tell them my readings.

And then I phoned the Internet provider to whinge at them. I wish I hadn’t. The chap at the other end of the phone had a script but he didn’t speak English very well. After telling me to do all the obvious fixes I’d already tried, he eventually suggested I reset the router, but I didn’t have the passwords for that. I left that to ‘er indoors TM to sort out. She did that this evening – it had no discernable effect. The Internet connection is still so slow as to be practically unusable.
I shall swear at the Internet company some more tomorrow.

And the election results are in. The pundits are having a field day about how come the Dribbling Democraps have had their worst electoral result in the party’s history. Surely it’s obvious – when one votes for a political party which then gains power, one expects it to at least have a go at living up to what it promised. And when it abandons everything it promised only a year ago, the electorate remembers that.
And the AV referendum has come down rather comprehensively against the AV system. Perhaps this was a mistake: perhaps his may well be the death knell for electoral reform. But after all was said and done we were being asked to approve a system that was patently rubbish. The fact that we weren’t given the option of a workable system speaks volumes about the likelihood of any practical form of electoral reform…

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