13 March 2011 (Sunday) - Pork Chop

Last Sunday I stayed in my pit until far too late. I wasn’t going to waste today in the same way. Having been woken by ‘er indoors TM ‘s “trumpet voluntary” I was up and about by 9am. I spent a little while working on my presentation on comets for the astro club. I’m not due to speak until October, but I have this idea that should a decent comet appear in the next few months, then I would be ready and it might be nice to be able to present a topical lecture.
Talking of things astronomical, today is the 230th anniversary of the discovery of my favourite planet. Ur-ANUS!!!!!!

I then collected “My Boy TMand we went round to Ashford market. He wanted some bits and pieces, and I always like a look round the market, for all that they are selling rubbish. Ashford market these days is rather disappointing. There are half a dozen stalls selling fishing gear, one stall selling out of date crisps and cakes, and loads of people running boot fair stalls full of rubbish fit for the tip. But it makes for an interesting morning out.

Home to collect my wellies, and then on to the BatFarm. I spent an entertaining five minutes playing with my new best friend “Pork Chop”. I’m reliably informed that it is not a good idea to give names to very young lambs because they have a habit of not surviving, but he’s now two days old. Surely that’s old enough for a name?

We then went to the pond near where we have BatCamp and launched the refurbished mallard house. I could see quite a few carp in there. Bearing in mind all the fish that are in there are from when I stocked the pond with tiddlers in August 2007, they’ve grown massively in the last three years.
From there we made our way to the largest pond where we were going to clean out the duck house. We could clearly see ducks nesting in that duck house, so we thought it best not to disturb them. Instead we went up to the diving pond to clean that duck house, only to find that it was full of ducklings. Bearing in mind I have yet to see a single deciduous tree with any leaves on at all so far this spring, the ducks seem to have nested early this year. (And the Egyptian running ducks have grown too – they are double the size they were when we launched their duck house last September.)
So we adjourned back to the barn where I exchanged insults with “Pork Chop”, before watching another baby lamb being born. Today there were four lambs born on the farm.

We then went indoors for a cuppa, and then had a smashing bit of Sunday lunch. Very tasty. After lunch there were farm chores to be done which weren’t for the faint-hearted, so we took that as a sensible point at which to say our goodbyes. I slept most of the way home, and then slept most of the rest of the day on the sofa.
I *really* wish I could sleep at night rather than nodding off during the daytime….

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