9 March 2011 (Wednesday) - The House of York

I see Prince Andrew has had his name splashed all over the news. He's allegedly been up to all sorts of nonsense with topless models whilst conspiring with Kazak billionaires and Saudi princes  whilst living high on the hog at public expense.
Whilst we're running down the House of York, I also see that the princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are being slated for going out drinking and dancing with their mates until 3am. It's truly shocking - after all, how other kids of that age go out on the razz till all hours?
(I'll give you a clue - "all of them").

However, it would seem that the newspapers are now retracting the lies they've printed about the Prince. One can't help but wonder how many more lies they will be retracting in the next few days.
It rather annoys me when the newspapers pick on the Royalty. The media bang the drum with rabble-rousing about how these parasites are living high on the hog at public expense. But the same media gloss over the actual truth of how the Royal Family is actually funded these days.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that the Yorks are beyond reproach. But I do wonder where their failings stop and the blatant lies about them start.
The problem is that the Royals are an easy target: it's very easy to stir up indignation and republican fervour in the "Great Unwashed". And the "Great Unwashed" never realise that by falling for all the lies and innuendo they are merely funding the newspapers who are growing rich on their ignorance.

Meanwhile closer to home my phone hasn't stopped ringing. Firstly from some woman who demanded I told her how much money I pay each month for my leccie and gas, and to whom I pay it. And then some snotty bloke demanding to know when the service agreement on my SkyPlus box expired.
I gave them both the same answer - if they actually needed that information, they would know it already. If they were asking me, then it was clearly none of their business. 
I suppose enough of the "Great Unwashed" must fall for these people's spiel to make it worth their while carrying on…

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