1 March 2011 (Tuesday) - Missing the Parrot

With the parrot having been taken back by her owners, the house seems very lonely and empty and quiet. There’s no denying that I got quite attached to the parrot very early in her stay. And there’s also no denying that me and the parrot had squabbles from time to time. But in the fifty-six days we had her, I got used to having her about.

I could put up with the amount of space her cage took up. We could have moved furniture about to have made more space. I said that it wouldn’t be fair to have her when we are away so often, but I could have made arrangements for parrot care whilst I was off on long weekends and holidays. I quite enjoyed her chatterings, for all that I grumbled about them. She would worry me when she would attempt to fly across the room, but she never hurt herself or anything she landed on. I was rather concerned by the fact that I was the only person who could handle her. But it wasn’t that much of a problem – she could be chivvied about with newspapers and with “Duckie” if we needed to move her.

Mind you I didn’t like the screaming and shrieking noises that she would make. Several times over the last couple of weeks I had to abandon trying to watch films and DVDs when the parrot simply wouldn’t shut up. I’d always thought I wanted a parrot. I’m glad I got to have a go with a parrot – in the end the noise outweighed everything else and I found out that I really didn’t want one.

Or so I thought until it was time to say goodbye yesterday. I didn’t blub much – only for most of the morning. And then a bit more in the afternoon when I was told she was gone, and that her owners had sold her to someone else. And then some more in the evening when I came home to an empty house.
Which was really daft of me. We knew when we took the parrot on that it was only temporary, it was only going to be till the end of February, and that I shouldn’t have got so attached to her.

Fortunately she’s been sold to the original owners’ sister. I’ve asked if I can visit from time to time…

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