5 March 2011 (Saturday) - Stuff

Last night I did a couple of hours’ overtime. And since the opportunity was there, I was doing more overtime this morning. I don’t like working Saturday mornings, but sometimes needs must. The plan for the day was originally to be working in the morning, and drinking in the afternoon. My new favourite pub (Queens Head in Rye) was running a beer festival today. But on reflection it’s something of a false economy to run myself ragged doing all the overtime, just to tiddle it all up a wall. So the beer festival was given a miss, which was probably for the best.

I sat and watched telly with “My Boy TMfor a bit. He’d recorded all sorts of stuff from the comedy channel, and we both slept through it whist ‘er indoors TM cooked a spot of scran. Suitably fed, we left “hopalong” asleep in front of the telly and went to visit the Folkstonians. A quick cuppa, and we went for a walk. To the Guildhall for a pint of “Hello Sailor”, and then on to Chambers for a pint of “Kentish Reserve”. So much for economising.

Home for tea, and I got the hair drier out. “Hopalong” had got his plaster cast wet, and so I dried it out for him. And then in a novel break with tradition rather than staying in and enjoying the peace and quiet, I went along to the traditional Saturday film night. I’ve not been to Chris’s for the Saturday night film for ages; mainly because I fall asleep. Tonight we watched “Galaxy Quest” and “Lost in Space”. Excellent films, and I stayed awake for them both.

And then I was up rather late. “Hopalong” was out with his mates, and I’d told him to let me know if he wanted a lift anywhere. Eventually shortly after midnight he texted to say he would spend the night at a mate’s house. Which is less wear and tear on the car, I suppose. Talking of which, I had a letter about that today.
When I bought my car last year it came with a year’s warranty. That year is now (almost) up. I now have the option to extend that warranty for another year. I can either make a one-off payment of £420, or I can make ten monthly payments of forty two pounds. Or I can hope that since the car has done less than twenty five thousand miles it’s probably not going to fail me catastrophically just yet. If I took that policy out, I would be spending over forty quid a month in the hope that the car would fail in the next calendar year. Perhaps if I put twenty quid a month aside in my own bank account I’d have a reserve if the car did go west, and if it didn’t, at the end of the year I’d still have something.
I suppose enough people must take out these policies to make it worth their while trying to flog them.

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