6 November 2010 (Saturday) - More Fireworks

Among the hundreds of emails I received this morning was one from the leccie company. On Wednesday I emailed them my meter readings. They didn’t like them and had sent me a notification of reject. And they asked me to phone them at my earliest convenience. So I did. The nice man there read back to me the meter readings I’d sent them on Wednesday and told me all was well with them, and asked what my query was. He was amazed that I’d been emailed because there was no problem at all with my meter reading.
Another nonsense email was from Google, who reminded me that the clocks go back one hour this evening. Didn’t we do that last weekend?

And seeing how I wasn’t working this morning, we went into town. First of all to the post office to collect a parcel. The highly intelligent operative behind the counter wanted som I.D. before he’s give me my parcel so I showed him (from a distance of some six feet) an out of date credit card. He seemed happy with this and gave me my package. Then on to the Gorge for a fry-up. Martin joined us just as we were leaving, and we then wandered round the rest of the town. Wilco’s had a bargain – home brew kits. I’m seriously tempted to have a go at home brewing. Once I’ve forked out thirty quid for the fermentation tub and the pressure barrel I can brew up beer at less than three quid pre gallon.
To CEX where I got a load of cheap DVDs, and then to the toy shop followed closely by a visit to Cheesey Computers. At this point we’d been in town for nearly three hours and I was shopped out. My nerves could take no more. But seeing how it was on our way we had a look in “Hopeless” (anyone who’s heard their advert on local radio will know the place!) where I was intending to pick up some fireworks, but instead came out with a sledge. I *know* there’s no snow, but it’s been my experience that if you wait for snow, then sledges will have sold out, and those that are available are vastly overpriced. So I’ve got my sledge. All I need now is the snow.

Home, where I put on one of my new DVDs and slept in front of it for an hour or so. And then to Folkestone to collect people, and on to the evening’s fireworks session. Steve and Sarah had invited us to a fireworks party, and it was great!! We met up with old and new friends, and chatted over some beers, and as people arrived, so the pile of fireworks grew and grew. And then we wandered into the garden for the start of the pyrotechnics. The first rocket was spectacular – it reached a height of about six feet before it exploded with an earth-shattering ka-boom. I was impressed, but was desperately hoping it wasn’t one of the rockets I’d bought. Most of the other fireworks behaved themselves though. Apart from one errant Roman candle which escaped and did its thing from inside a shrubbery.

After an hour we adjourned for food – hot dogs, soup and chilli jacket potatoes were enjoyed by all, and then back for more fireworks and sparklers. Oh, it was great fun, and the weather was good too. I do like a good firework display. Same time next year…?

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