5 November 2010 (Friday) - Fireworks Night

Up at the crack of dawn and on with the ironing. Shirts don’t iron themselves, you know. And then after work we set off to Folkestone. The local school was having a fireworks display. The weather wasn’t good, but it would have been a shame to have missed the fireworks. We arrived in the rain, but the rain didn’t last long. I’m not a religious blogger but it did strike me more than co-incidental that with such a congregation of left-footers, as the fireworks started so the clouds parted and the rain stopped. And it was equally odd that as the fireworks finished and the audience dispersed that the clouds came back and the rain started. Divine intervention? Perhaps – I’m not ruling it out.
I’ve been to this school’s quiz nights in the past. For a church school, the bar at their quiz nights is second to none. When my time comes I may well turn left-footer myself.

And then back to the Hoseys for a smashing bit of tea, and to star in a home made video “Dave annoys Tina” which will be appearing on You-Tube very soon. In fact it will appear as soon as I can figure out how to get the video (that was bluetoothed to me) out of my sexy new phone.

Talking of sexy new phones, I see that one of my loyal readers in Canada has got a sexy new phone of her own. The hit counting software tells me that in the last twenty four hours my blog has been read no less than six times by an iPhone somewhere in the Calgary area.
Might I ask how you are getting on with the iPhone and the Internet? I must admit I’m on the point of giving up with phone based Internet-ing – the keys are fiddly, the screen is so small…it’s not really practical, is it?

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