3 November 2010 (Wednesday) - New Phone (Still...)

On Monday I mentioned I’d bought some new shoes. They arrived this morning, but I had a minor whinge about them. If you look at the picture for Monday’s blog entry you’ll notice that there is a cushioned rim round the bit where the foot goes in. This is so you don’t get sore ankles. The shoes that arrived didn’t have that cushioned edge and clearly aren’t that which was advertised. I decided to keep the shoes, as it’s too much trouble to send them back, but I emailed a complaint to the seller. I wondered if anything would come of it – and I got a reply almost right away. She had no idea that DMs come with or without cushioned edges, and she’s given me a partial refund. That was a result.

I’ve also emailed in my meter readings to the power company – the first leccie meter reading on the new meter, and the first gas meter reading since I got the new boiler. I wonder if this will make any difference to my bill. I suppose it doesn’t help that I have absolutely no idea what my usage has been up till now. I’ve decided to keep a record of meter readings and see how they go.

And then I carried on fiddling around with my new phone. During the course of the swap-over from the old phone I lost quite a lot of people’s numbers, and somehow or other the SIM card seemed to remember a lot of very old (and very wrong) numbers. I have mentioned this elsewhere on the Internet, but could I ask that if anyone wants me to be able to contact them by phone, could you please send me your phone number, Preferably with a few words saying who you are. I got three anonymous texts this morning. Each with a comment along the lines of “here’s my number you asked for”.
A minor disappointment – the quality of the photos the phone’s camera produced wasn’t very good. After a lot of fiddling round with the settings I realised I’d left the protective film over the camera lens. Woops!

I’ve tried to get the phone to connect to the house’s wireless network. It seems to connect, but when I try to do web surfing I get an “Invalid sever name” message. I wonder if that is anything I can fix easily? If not, it’s no great problem – I get quite a bit of free Internet usage anyway. I wasted some of that free usage on connecting my phone to Facebook and Twitter. In retrospect it was probably for no better reason than because I could.
Trying to do internetty things from my phone is a lot like fiddling about. I doubt I shall actually use it very much. I also don’t like the way that you have to fiddle about to be sure if I’ve actually logged off of the internet. I’m sure I’m going to forget to do that…..

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