7 November 2010 (Sunday) - Bit Dull, Really...

Last week we had the draw for work’s secret Santa for Xmas. When I saw who I’d got in the draw I knew exactly what gift to get for him, and so I had a look on eBay, found what I wanted and ordered it. I came home from work on Friday to find a note saying that the parcel was at the post office, and I collected it yesterday, but what with one thing and another I didn’t open the package until today. With packaging from Amazon and an invoice from Amazon, I find I’ve been cheated.
The seller is advertising products on eBay, and when people buy them he posts the buyer what they’ve ordered. But he doesn’t have them in stock. He just orders them from Amazon for five pounds cheaper than what he’s selling them for on eBay. He tells Amazon to deliver the goods to whoever’s ordered it and he pockets the profit.
I suppose I should have looked on Amazon first. This bloke’s not technically done anything illegal, or even wrong, but I feel as though I’ve been swindled. For what it’s worth he’ll get negative feedback, but because he’s a Power Seller on eBay, I can’t leave him negative feedback until a week after I received the thing. I shall bide my time.

Talking of eBay….. Yesterday I mentioned that I’m thinking “Home Brew” (again). I quite like the idea of knocking up five gallons of stout for Xmas. But I was amazed to find that I can buy the home brew kits in the town centre shops for about twenty quid cheaper that I can get them on eBay (or on Amazon!). Internet shopping isn’t the bargain it once was. Browsing the net I’ve found that there’s a home brew shop which as opened less than four miles from home. I shall have a look in there tomorrow.

And talking of beer, regular readers may recall a blog entry from June when I whinged about a pub in Warehorne. The Woolpack used to be a very good pub, but in June we found it to be pretentious and serving vastly overpriced tat in place of reasonably priced food. Since then we’ve heard all sorts of rumours about the place from all sorts of sources. Whilst gossip is hardly the most reliable means of communication, I heard so many stories about the place from so many people I soon came to the conclusion that my bad experience in June was in keeping with what most other customers had found about the place.
Today I received a message about this pub through a website I used to use a lot. The message read “You may be interwsted to know that there is a new tenant in the Woolpack, Warehorne, Give it a try, its much better and the new guy is great.” I was very “interwsted” to know this, and I may well pop back to see if things have improved.

Even though it was Sunday I was up with the lark today, and I spent the morning helping with the last bits of house moving. Fridge freezers don’t move themselves. In a better plane of reality, they probably do move themselves. But not in mine. In my world they are dependent on the likes of me to elevate them to the second storey. As are tumble driers. But it’s all good exercise.
After moving stuff to and fro and up and down we came home via Lidls (it was Sunday after all) and I spent the afternoon doing what is fast becoming my standard Sunday afternoon ritual: dozing in front of a rubbish film. Tea was good – home made soup then roast dinner. And then back to NeverWinter where my character (a particularly foxy elf) has lost her girlfriend in the sewer. Which was careless of her…

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