12 November 2010 (Friday) - Fixing My Computer

In previous blog entries I have regaled my loyal readership with tales of woe regarding my ailing computer. The poor thing is (nearly) four years old, and over the last few months it has rather began to struggle to do its job. Having installed Windows Defender and C-Cleaner I’ve attempted to sort the poor thing out. I’ve defragmented my drive and deleted my orphaned files. I’ve salvaged something from the tattered remains that was once my Windows registry file, and I’ve bunged out all manner of conflicting software that I neither needed nor wanted. I’ve scanned and scanned, but still the poor thing sounded like a helicopter trying to take off. Time and again the computer would freeze; the only option being for me to pull out the mains plug and start again.
Desperate times called for desperate measures. So I opened up the computer, blew all the dust out, and then put it back together again. I won’t pretend the thing is fixed, but it certainly seems a lot better than it once was.

I heard something of arky-ological interest on the radio today. It would seem that whilst hunting for dull bits of broken pots, an arky-ologist stumbled upon King Herod’s tomb. And whilst investigating this tomb, said arky-ologist stumbled over a railing and fell to his death. Destroying various artefacts on the way. I did laugh when I heard.

And of astronomical interest is Britain’s first to-orbit-and-back aircraft. “Vulture 1”, a paper aeroplane was lifted to space by helium balloon and successfully made its way back to the ground, taking photos as it went.
Another British triumph….

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