28 November 2010 (Sunday) - Dull

I suppose that I had a reasonable night’s sleep. Certainly better than some I’ve had recently. I would have liked a bit more of a lie-in, but the foot was throbbing. Seeing how you can’t take ibuprofen on an empty stomach meant I needed to have brekkie before taking anything to ease the throbbing. So I got up. I tried sitting with my leg up, but I’m not sure that actually helps. Having sat with my leg up for any length of time just means that when I go to stand my foot *really* hurts. If I just sit, then the throbbing is bearable.

Some time ago I’d offered to give another talk to the astro club; I’ve been working on a presentation about comets for a little while. At last Friday’s meeting I found that I’ve been pencilled in to do this talk next October. So I spent a little while this morning doing some more work on my presentation. Comets have always been a fascination of mine. If any loyal readers would like to know why, then I suggest they book a date in their diary for next October…

I spent some time in NeverWinter, and then we went to Tesco to get some Xmas pressies. What with double clubcard voucher points refund offers we went to the checkout with nearly a hundred quid’s worth of stuff, and only handed over thirty five quid. I shall start taking my clubcard a bit more seriously.
Mind you I have it on good authority that the BOGOF offer in B&Q needs careful scruting if you don’t want to get ripped off. The Rear Admiral phoned to have a grumble. H’ed bought a dozen items on “buy one, get one free”. It doesn’t work like you’d think: buy one of something, get something identical free. It works that for everything you buy, you get something free. But not just any something. Specifically the cheapest something. So if you buy two Xmas trees and two bags of crisps thinking they are “buy one, get one free”, you pay for both Xmas trees and get the crisps free. I thought that was a con.
The way round this is to pair up your purchases, and do loads and loads of transactions with the store; each transaction being of only two similarly priced items. Each transaction also costs the store eight pence (or so I am reliably informed).  If any of my loyal readers hear that B&Q have changed their policy, do let me know….

And then home where I slept through “I Am Legend” on the DVD, and woke to find that James Bond was on the telly. I remember Goldfinger being a much better film thirty years ago.
Sundays for me seem to have got into a rut. Following a really good Saturday, Sunday just seems to be a day to waste before I go back to work. I had hoped to have done more with today. But a combination of sub-zero temperatures and an inability to walk more than ten yards without needing a break made today somewhat dull. Perhaps I’ll do more next weekend…

In the meantime I’m having problems in NeverWinter. Does anyone have any tips for dealing for a stroppy manticore…?

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